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Relocation of pool table

Relocation of pool table
Relocation of pool table
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The picture is an example of a customer moving a table without taking apart.  Sometime they get lucky and we can repair other times new slate is required.


The exception to this is  Coin-operated tables and a few other select tables were made such that they could be moved without complete disassembly. These are one-piece slate tables constructed such that they can withstand such an event. This does, however, require the right equipment and a lot of muscle. Family Recreation Centre specializes in relocating and repairing 3 piece slate pool tables. What is involved in this process? In order to properly move a slate pool table, you should

  1. Mark slate and other important pieces to ensure proper reassembly
  2. Disassemble major components (i.e. rail assembly, slate bed, frame and legs)
  3. Carefully remove cloth such that it does not rip or tear
  4. Wrap wood pieces / crate slate (optional) / bag all hardware
  5. Transport it in a vehicle with slate carriers built in
  6. Properly reassemble it on the other end
You must take care during this process because many of the parts on a pool table are fragile and extremely heavy.Excluding travel time, we can usually disassemble and reassemble a table in approximately 4 hours. Recovering usually adds about 45 minutes to this process as the rails have to be uncovered and recovered. Keep in mind that this is the time for two experienced men to do this job. Most tables are similar, although some take specialty tools and experience to deal with especially antique pool table
Since we have moved thousands of pool tables over the years we base the price on
1. the make of the table
2.  the size of the table
3.  the city of the table
We do carry insurance for the table during the move in transport and also our installers are insured. 

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